Classification of common packaging materials

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  Product packaging is an important part of products. It not only plays a protective role in the transportation process, but also directly related to the quality of products. The following are our commonly used packaging materials:

  Paper packaging materials: packaging paper honeycomb paper bag paper desiccant packaging paper honeycomb paperboard kraft paper industrial paperboard honeycomb paper core

  Plastic packaging materials: sealing film shrinkage film plastic film winding film heat shrinkable film hollow plate POF shrinkable film CPP EPP

  Composite flexible packaging materials: flexible packaging aluminized film aluminum foil composite film vacuum aluminized paper composite film composite paper BOPP

  Metal packaging material: tinplate box, iron can, barrel hoop, steel belt packaging buckle, Blister aluminum PTP aluminum foil, aluminum plate, steel buckle

  Ceramic materials, glass materials, wood

  Other packaging materials / accessories:

  Bronzing material: bronzing material laser film electrochemical aluminum bronzing paper bronzing film bronzing film bronzing foil bronzing foil color foil

  Adhesives and coatings: adhesives, composite adhesives, reinforcing agents, starch adhesives, sealing adhesives, latex resin self-adhesive

  Packaging auxiliary materials: bottle cap glove machine mold gasket handle gasket nozzle sealing cap packaging film

  Common packaging products can be divided into:

  1. Packing box: carton, micro tile, Puwa, heavy tile, honeycomb paperboard and display rack

  2. Packing box: color box, cardboard box and micro corrugated box

  3. Packaging bag: plastic packaging bag, plastic composite bag and single-layer plastic bag

  4. Packaging bottle: plastic bottle, glass bottle, general bottle and crystal bottle

  5. Packing cans:, aluminum cans, glass cans, paper cans

  6. Packaging tube: hose, composite hose, plastic hose and aluminum tube

  7. Other packaging containers: tray, paper label, paper partition, adhesive tape, bottle seal, nozzle, metal cover and pump


  In addition, it can be divided into:

  (1) Inner packaging

  (1) plastic bag: the American line generally requires thermal sealing, and the raw material is high-pressure PE material; PP material is not allowed unless specified by the customer.

  (2) OPP bag: it has good transparency, but it is fragile and easy to break. It is mostly used for the packaging of candles, small toys and other products, which is often required by customers of the European line.

  (3) color box: it is divided into corrugated color box and non corrugated color box,

  (4) general Brown corrugated box: commonly used are 3-layer corrugated box and 5-layer corrugated box. After the product is packaged, it is generally sealed with adhesive tape.

  (5) white box: it can be divided into corrugated (3-layer or 5-layer) white box and non corrugated white box. The products are generally sealed with adhesive tape after packaging.

  (6) display box: there are many kinds, mainly including color display box, display box with PVC cover, etc. the products in the packaging box can be seen intuitively through the packaging.

  (7) plastic bag + elevator: generally called PBH.

  (8) blister card: blister card, abbreviated as BC.

  (9) PVC box or PVC barrel.

  (10) shrink film; Also called heat shrinkable film, small toys, candles and other products use this kind of packaging more.

  (11) hang up the card.

  (12) egg compartment.

  ⒀ back card.

  (14) gift box; It is mainly used for the packaging of jewelry, stationery and other products.

  ⒂ others.

  (2) Medium packaging

  They are mainly packed in plastic bags and corrugated boxes. The types of corrugated boxes mainly include fol, tuck top box, etc.

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