What are the common pearl cotton products in life?

2021-09-14 540

  1. Pearl cotton egg tray

  Eggs are fragile, so it is necessary to do a good job in tight packaging before they can be transported. Pearl cotton egg tray is specially designed for express packaging for those who sell native eggs online, which solves the difficult problem of selling eggs online. Pearl cotton egg holder is suitable for the inner lining of soft egg express packaging. It has the advantages of small volume, time-saving and labor-saving. It has higher power and stability than fruit sleeve, light weight, good protection and buffer effect. Pearl cotton egg holder is highly stable, shockproof, shatter proof, fall proof, pressure proof and does not disperse yellow, so as to ensure the low damage rate of egg transportation, reduce the transportation cost, protect the environment, and can be recycled. It is an aspiring product for packaging and transporting eggs.

  2. Pearl cotton fruit net, fruit box

  Pearl cotton fruit net is mainly used as a good packaging material for fruits, vegetables, flower buds, poultry eggs, roses, glassware, ceramics and other products. It plays an excellent maintenance role in the growth and transportation of fruits and effectively reduces friction and damage. The pearl cotton fruit net adopts butane foaming method, which has the functions of light and soft, shockproof, decompression, elasticity and impact resistance. It is especially suitable for the packaging of fragile glass products, ceramics and fragile melons, fruits, vegetables, roses and wine bottles that are afraid of being blocked by extrusion. It can also produce foam net mats by replacing molds.


  3. Pearl cotton bubble bag

  Pearl cotton bubble bag is useful to reduce product friction and collision, and plays a good role in shockproof, shock absorption and dust prevention. It is mainly used for the packaging of instruments, appearance, glass products, car and motorcycle accessories, cosmetics and other products.

  4. Pearl cotton pillow

  In the pearl cotton pillow, the primary filler is pearl cotton, which is a three-dimensional zigzag hollow fiber board. After special ball forming skills, it is processed into ball shaped cotton. The cotton ball is hollow inside, which has a large air permeability space, and the warmth preservation and air permeability are very strong. After quilting, the pearl cotton pillow will automatically swell and will not deform even if it is machine washed. It has good anti sound and anti vibration effect. Pearl cotton is a common filler in the market. It is in small granules, so it is not simple to agglomerate, and its elasticity is also good.

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