How to choose pearl cotton material?

2021-09-14 892

  Now Jiangmen pearl cotton has become the choice of most packaging materials in the market. As a new packaging material, the emergence of pearl cotton has changed the whole packaging profession. However, there are many manufacturers of pearl cotton materials. How to select the appropriate pearl cotton materials has become a worry for many people.

  1. Appearance of pearl cotton material

  When purchasing pearl cotton materials, we should first look at the appearance of the materials. It is not only flat and smooth, but also free of damage and cracks. The four sides are cut neatly without burrs and sawtooth shapes. At the same time, there should be no stains on the surface of the material, the color should be uniform, and there will be no shrinkage or uneven open space.


  2. Color of pearl cotton material

  Pearl cotton materials have a variety of colors for us to choose from, such as white, black, blue, red, etc., but no matter what color is purchased, we should pay attention to check whether its color is the same. First of all, the color of each piece of material should be kept together. Assuming that the quantity purchased is large, the materials produced in the same batch should be selected as much as possible, so as to ensure that there is no color difference between each material.

  3. Press pearl cotton material

  Because the primary raw material of Jiangmen pearl cotton material is polyethylene, which is a new green packaging material, we can use our fingers to press the pearl cotton when purchasing pearl cotton material, and carefully query the rebound degree of pearl cotton. The rebound strength of good pearl cotton will recover soon. Suppose that the rebound strength of pearl cotton is slow after pressing, The quality of this pearl cotton is relatively poor.

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