How are packaging materials classified?

2021-09-14 922

  There are many kinds of packaging materials.

  According to the applied methods, it can be divided into internal protection packaging materials and external packaging materials, which are mainly different in appearance. For example, internal protection packaging materials include PE film, bag, pearl cotton, bubble bag, etc., and external packaging materials include wooden box, carton, turnover box, etc.

  According to the environmental impact factors, it can be divided into: reusable packaging materials, edible packaging materials and degradable packaging materials, which are related to the composition of packaging materials.


  According to the composition of packaging materials, it can be divided into: metal packaging materials, plastic packaging materials, paper packaging materials, glass packaging materials, wood packaging materials, etc

  There are other classifications. Strictly speaking, the classification of packaging materials mainly depends on the application function of packaging materials. Today's packaging materials are diversified.

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