How to judge the quality when purchasing pearl cotton?

2021-09-14 623

  How to distinguish the quality of pearl cotton when buying?

  1. Touch texture. Generally speaking, coarse PE particles are likely to involve impurities;

  2. "Pinch" hardness. PE pipe strip has appropriate hardness and can pinch deformed pipe in a perfunctory manner. It is not PE pipe strip in particular;

  3. "Look" color. PE pipe strips are mainly white, gray and green. Customers often think that white is good. In fact, color is not the standard for judging good quality;


  4. PE "smash" elasticity, good pr-r pipe, "rebound" is good, and simple smashing is not a good PR pipe, but hard friction is not equal to good elasticity. Some manufacturers improve their hardness by participating in too many impurities such as calcium carbonate. They can't smash it anyway, and it will be brittle after a long time;

  5. PE "burns" smoke and smells. It was guessed that PE pipes mixed with recycled plastics and other impurities would emit black smoke and have a pungent smell. Good materials will not emit black smoke and smell after combustion. After combustion, the liquid from the flame is still very clean.

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