What are the characteristics of packaging materials?

2021-09-14 695

  It has corresponding absorption to impact energy and vibration.

  The cushioning packaging material shall be able to absorb the energy generated by the impact. The pill shall pay attention to the size of the absorption of the material, which shall adapt to the impact energy. By no means, the greater the absorption, the better; It shall also have the function of absorbing external vibration force to attenuate vibration.

  It has good recoverability.

  After the load is added to the cushioning packaging material, a specific deformation occurs. When the external load is removed, the deformation of the material should be able to better recover to its original shape, which is called recoverability. Buffer materials need to be restorative. Materials with large energy absorption and poor restorability should not be used as buffer materials.


  It has wide adaptability to temperature and humidity.

  The cushioning material shall have wide temperature and humidity adaptability, adhere to its good cushioning function when the ambient temperature and humidity fluctuate greatly, and then ensure that the products will not be damaged during transportation, loading, unloading and storage.

  No pollution, in line with the trend of modern environmental protection.

  For example, honeycomb paperboard is all made of recyclable paper materials, which can save wood instead of wood, replace EPS plastic buffer liner, and can be fully recycled after use. The waste products and leftover materials in the production process of corrugated boxes can also be bonded after die-cutting to make honeycomb corrugated board cushion pads of various shapes, which can be discarded in time, and can also be degraded and absorbed naturally. It is a good green environmental protection material.

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